About Us

About Us

Corporate Remedy was founded by industry veterans who had seen the effects that high debt burdens can have on small business owners. With over 12 years’ experience negotiating settlements for our clients we have become a trusted name in negotiating with your creditors. We are devoted to helping your business reach its financial goals. Learn more about how we can help you today!

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Our experts analyze your debt.

During your initial consultation, we determine your total liabilities and address each one in turn. We’ll then provide an immediately actionable plan that charts your path towards greater financial health.

An Affordable Budget:

We take what you can afford monthly and use that to negotiate with your creditors.

To make debt relief easier, we also help you come up with a realistic budget. By conducting a budget analysis we assist you by devising a strategy you can actually follow, and put you on a path to being cash flow positive.

Our negotiators handle your creditors.

Let us talk to your creditors and come up with restructuring plans. While you focus on running your company, we’ll apply the information you gave us to make arrangements that you and your creditors can all accept.

Reasons to choose Debt Restructuring for your business:

  • Can’t pay your own salary or use personal credit cards to fund your company,
  • Aren’t current on all your bills,
  • Feel like you’re losing revenue to cash advance payments or can’t pay your installments,
  • Are having trouble paying off secured loans or leases on equipment and other assets,
  • Have been hounded by collection agents, or
  • Feel overwhelmed by your growing debt.

Our straightforward process makes restructuring easy. Ask for help now while a resolution might still be possible.

A Realistic Plan: We handle most business debts such as vendors, credit cards, and many leases, signature loan & Merchant Cash Advances (MCA)

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